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T-28 Turntable

Hanss T-28.png


T-28 Turntable (Including HAT-I Tonearm)

• Type : Rigid turntable with built in belt drive with suspension
• Platter : 28mm Precise CNC Solid Black POM Material
• Sub Platter : 21mm Precise CNC Aluminium
• Bearing: Magnetic Suspension Low Friction Precision European Ceramic Shaft with Stainless Steel Ball

• Adjustable Bearing Thrust for Resonance control
• Chassis : 30mm Solid CNC Black Aluminium Brushed Plinth
• Motor : Synchronised European AC Motor,
• Speed : 33.3rpm/45rpm Manual Speed Selector

• Pulley : Aluminium
• Colour : Black 
• Tonearm Base: HAT-I / Rega / Other 9” Tonearms with 22-23mm Pivot Type Tonearms.

HAT-I Tonearm

• Dynamic balanced
• Needle and vertical bearings in the same latitude
• Moment of inertia and needle tracking co aligned
• Anti Skate varies with the position over the record surface as to ensure correct both at the outer and inner groove

• Adjustable bearing for elimination of bearing play and slack
• Rigid and stiff design for elimination of arm flex and vibrational modes.

• Pivot to stylus effective arm length 240mm • Spindle to pivot: 222 mm
• Offset angle 23 degree


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