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Hanss Acoustics T-60 Turntable

"I can state that the reading precision realized by the Hanss T-60 is sublime, the exactitude is absolute. "

José Manuel DelgadoHi Fi Live Magazine


"I could go on and on in arabesques of praise about this setup..."

"At the top of this review I noted that the Hanss/Graham/Ortofon combination reproduced a variety of recordings in all their variety, which suggests that its sound is basically tonally neutral and natural. This is true, but to characterize it just a little more precisely, I would describe it as having a big, bold, and dynamic sound that is also exceptionally relaxed, inviting, and unaggressive. In sum, this is very much my kind of sound. It will do detail extremely well—there’s nothing I didn’t hear on any of the recordings I typically use to check for very fine resolution—without thrusting it at you, but nothing here ever detracts from what I call the big picture, which is the reproduction of whatever is on your records."

Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound


"The Hanss T60 is a real musical instrument!"

"The Hanss T60 is a real musical instrument! The T60 is characterized by a big sound and beautiful images in space, with power and dynamism. The bass is tight and the attack of the bass strings is properly followed. The timpani gets plenty of power. The T60 is subtle. Cymbals sound like they sound live, thrilling and high, but not shrill. Voices emerge clearly from the beautiful music. The scale of orchestras sounds great - Beethoven, Dvorak, Elgar, Puccini. You hear the ambiance of the room, and the instruments are placed as they should be. Also smaller (scale) classical music is sweet and subtle with great depth and ambience..."

Audio (Translation)


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Authourized Distributor : HKG/CHINA
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